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to Fat Yoga PDX

A movement and mindfulness practice, where big bodied folks are free to move without judgement. Join us!

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Winter 2024 Session

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Nothing to book right now. Check back soon.

Fat Positive Yoga 

with Amanda

A fat affirming class that focuses on joyful movement and poses that give space to celebrate our bodies just as they are.

Slow Your Flow 
with Amanda

A class that focuses on using the breath to support a gentle, fluid, moving asana practice, and including restorative shapes.

Community & Connection

with Amanda

We will explore poses that emphasize rooting and grounding as a means toward expansion and connection.

Whole Heart Flow
with Amanda

Open your heart to a flow that emphasizes shapes to uplift our collective spirit and open our hearts, our hips and our minds.

If you’d like more information about our classes get in touch today.

Yoga for Everyone Centering Fat Folks

Fat Yoga PDX FAQ 

Your questions, answered!

Why FAT yoga?

Co-founder, Emily Beebe, was looking for a yoga studio that would provide a rigorous practice, along with educated support for poses that take fat bodies, like hers, into consideration. Most important however, was an environment where fat bodies were loved, appreciated and seen as perfect–no weight loss required. 

Do I have to be fat or identify as fat to come to a class with Fat Yoga PDX?

Absolutely not. Our goal is to create an inclusive space where everyone feels good about moving their bodies. However, we also want to be clear about who we are centering in these classes (hint: it’s in our name!). If you are someone who believes in our mission and are looking for an inclusive yoga community, we are happy to have you join us!

Do I need previous experience for classes with Fat Yoga PDX?

Nope. We are beginner friendly! All of our classes are meant to be accessible for any level of experience.

What should I bring to class?

We are currently renting space at Multnomah Arts Center and do not have a permanent studio home, so we ask that students bring their own props. Recommended props are a yoga mat, two blocks, a blanket, and a bolster. However, if you don’t have those things, no worries! Amanda and Emily will have a few extras (and we can always improvise!). 

How much are classes and how do I sign up?

Classes are $15, but more or less is also great! We want classes to be accessible and affordable.

How can I support the mission of Fat Yoga PDX?

Come to classes! Follow us on Insta @fatyogapdx! Share with like minded folks! Talk to us about scheduling a yoga class for your private group!

Plus Size Models

Who We Are

Fat Yoga is a Mindfulness Movement Collective intent on creating

a safe, judgement-free space for big bodied people

to move, breathe & connect. 

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